Using computational models to investigate T cell signaling

CSBi and Entelos researchers are collaborating to investigate how T cells interpret external cues in the hopes of understanding how their dysregulation leads to cancer and autoimmune disorders. The collaboration is exploring specific critical behaviors, which regulate proper immune system function, such as apoptosis, cytokine production, and the expression of cell surface markers. Using data from laboratory experiments, the research teams are building computational models of the signaling pathways leading from receptor activation to cell behavior. The laboratory data is being used to create both the model structure and parameter values within the model. Entelos uses computational models to conduct pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. These intracellular signaling models complement their disease models (PhysioLab® platforms) which relate cell behavior to physiologic outcome.

This research collaboration with Prof. Douglas Lauffenburger includes a financial gift to his laboratory as well as the use of Entelos PhysioLab Modeler, a software platform for modeling and simulation. This collaborative effort is aimed toward furthering the state-of-the-art application of computational models to explore disease mechanisms and develop new therapeutics.