High-Performance Computing in Biomedicine and Systems Biology

The IBM and MIT partnership is aimed at putting in place the necessary IT infrastructure to advance research in complex biology. The collaboration is focused on unstructured content-rich biological data, grid computing and iterations between experimentation and computation in systems biology. In January 2003, IBM awarded CSBi a high-performance grid-based supercomputer to address computationally challenging problems in systems biology. The system was awarded through IBM's Shared University Research program to facilitate joint research projects in areas of mutual interests. The IBM-MIT partnership focuses on establishing a functional grid for the CSBi Technology Platform and on joint research collaborations in computationally intensive areas, such as proteomics, genomics, image informatics and structural biology. Faculty in this collaboration include faculty from the Schools of Science and Engineering, such as Forbes Dewey, Doug Lauffenburger, Bruce Tidor, Paul Matsudaira and Amy Keating.

MIT News: IBM gives MIT a supercomputer for computational and systems biology.