Applied Precision

Developing Tools for High-Throughput Imaging and Microarray Analysis

Applied Precision (API) is collaborating with two cores of the CSBi Technology Platform. In the imaging area, API is working with MIT researchers to develop the Applied Precision fluorescence imaging system to acquire multidimensional images. The focus of the research is to optimize the workflow for large-scale imaging projects, and to develop robust hardware and software that enables these endeavors to be scalable. The Matsudaira, Sorger and Lauffenburger labs are addressing biological questions relating to cytoskeletal function in processes such as cell division and cell motility to further develop the technology.

API also provides technology and training in the genomics area. API’s Biochip reader is a versatile scanner for DNA microarray and protein array analysis. The image analysis software is able to interface with the data storage and mining tools needed for systems biology research. In the Sorger lab, the scanner technology is used to study gene expression in apoptotic cell lines.