Graduate Program Committee Members

Eric Alm, Biological Engineering Room 48-317 617-253-2726  
Research Interests: computational / theoretical and experimental approaches to evolution of microorganisms
Committee specialty: responsible conduct of research

Mark Bathe, Biological Engineering Room NE47-223 617-324-5685  
Research interests: computational biology; quantitative imaging and microscopy; cell division
Committee specialty: retreat planning

Chris Burge (chair) Biology and Biological Engineering Room 68-271A 617-258-5997  
Research interests: computational biology; gene expression; biology of RNA
Committee specialty: curriculum

Ernest Fraenkel, Biological Engineering Room 16-241 617-258-8702  
Research interests: computational biology; genomics; gene expression; regulatory networks; signaling pathways
Committee specialty: web site

Amy Keating, Biology Room 68-622 617-452-3398  
Research interests: protein–protein interactions; computational protein design

Gene-Wei Li, Biology Room 68-223 617-324-6703  
Research interests: Translational Control; Quantitative Cell Biology; Biophysics

Timothy Lu, EECS, RLE E17-438 617- 715-4808  
Research interests: synthetic biology
Committee specialty: responsible conduct of research

Adam Martin, Biology Room 68-459 617- 324-0074  
Research interests: experimental cell and developmental biology, biochemistry, and biophysics, computational image analysis and modeling
Committee specialty: curriculum

Aviv Regev, Biology Room NE30-6031 617-324-4911  
Research interests: gene networks; molecular evolution
Committee specialty: prelim/thesis/defense committees, forms

Ron Weiss, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Room E17-353 617-253-2094  
Research interests: Synthetic Biology
Committee specialty: open houses

Jacqueline Carota, CSB Administrator Room 68-230A 617-324-4144  
Committee specialty: financial and educational administration, events