CS ClassMIT is committed to developing Institute-wide education and training programs for graduate and undergraduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and research staff who are interested in science and technology at the interface of biology, engineering, and computation. CSBi is offering a broad range of educational programs and activities:

  • A Ph.D. program in computational and systems biology, the CSB Ph.D. Program - a keystone of CSBi’s mission in education;
  • A "Foundations Curriculum" in computational and systems biology, initially comprising three new graduate and advanced undergraduate courses;
  • Seminars, journal clubs, and focus groups, an annual retreat and an Annual Symposium on Systems Biology, and additional community-building events; and
  • Educational outreach programs, with a focus on academic institutions that serve under-represented minorities and economically disadvantaged students.

CSBi's educational efforts focus on the support and expansion of its new Ph.D. Program, with courses that teach foundational material drawn from multiple disciplines and applied to problems in systems biology. CSBi admitted its first class of CSB Ph.D. students for the Fall of 2004.

In addition, CSBi encourages interested graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and research staff from across MIT to participate in CSBi-related education programs and community-building events. The interdepartmental CSBi community at MIT forms a premier environment for learning through a range of CSBi-related activities, including the CSBi Annual Symposium, workshops and retreats, poster sessions, seminars, multi-investigator research projects, and technology development in the CSBi Technology Platform.