Instrumentation Engineering Track

ResearchMIT's Ph.D. program in Computational and Systems Biology (CSB) announces a track in Instrumentation Engineering. The CSB Ph.D. Program integrates engineering, computer science, and biology toward the development of new tools, algorithms, and approaches for studying complexity in biological systems. To this end, the program has a strong emphasis on instrument development and engineering and covers areas including single molecule detection, nano- and microscale devices, and lab-on-a-chip applications. Students in this program track will select from a wide range of opportunities across many departments, both in terms of classroom subjects and thesis research projects. The requirements are the same as for the rest of the CSB Ph.D. Program. Examples of research projects related to the Instrumentation Engineering track can be found through the following links:

Participating Faculty and Areas of Interest

Dennis Freeman – Biological Transducers

Kimberly Hamad-Schifferli – Nanomanipulation of Biomolecules

Jongyoon Han – BioMEMS – Molecular separation

Klav Jensen – BioMEMS – Sub-cellular Analysis & Manipulation

Matthew Lang – Single Molecule Biomechanics

Scott Manalis – BioMEMS – Molecular Detction

Rahul Sarpeshkar – Bio-Inspired & Biomedical Electronics

Martin Schmidt – Device Micro- & Nanotechnology

Peter So – Biological Microscopy & Manipulation

Joel Voldman – BioMEMS – Cell Isolation & Detection

Forest White – Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry