MIT seeks support for CSBi from multiple sources: Federal grants, industrial research/technology partnerships, and individual/foundation gifts. Because systems biology is an emerging field that requires a technically sophisticated research infrastructure, a multiplicity of funding sources is essential. CSBi has a four-stage plan to support its research, educational and outreach programs from the multiple funding sources, including Federal research grants, foundation support, industry donations and collaborations, and gifts from individual donors.

Major Sources of Funding:

  • NIGMS-funded Center of Excellence in Complex Biomedical Systems Research is a multi-investigator cross-discplinary research program that takes a systems biology approach to the analysis of programmed cell death in human cells (MIT's Cell Decision Processes Center).
  • Anonymous Foundation grant for the support of the CSBi Technology Platform and the CSBi Research Scientists.
  • NCI Integrative Cancer Biology grant to investigate regulatory networks in cancer initiation and progression.
  • Singapore-MIT Alliance program aims to use a systematic and quantitative approach to study problems in tissue biology.
  • NIH Training Grant to support CSBi graduate training in computational and systems biology.
  • Merck & Company graduate and postdoctoral fellowship program is targeted toward young scientists interested in systems biology.

For information on supporting CSBi, please contact us at csbi AT mit DOT edu or call 617-253-7258.