Octet RED96 Bio-Layer Interferometry

Octet RED96 Bio-Layer InterferometryForteBio’s Octet® platform includes instruments, biosensors, reagents and assay kits for performing label-free, real-time protein quantitation and biomolecular binding kinetic analysis.  The platform provides Dip and Read™ simplicity, high-quality, content-rich data, streamlined assay development workflows, and results in minutes rather than days.  It performs comprehensive characterization across a broad range of applications, making it a valuable alternative to ELISA, HPLC and SPR-based analysis.

Octet systems quantify protein concentrations and monitor protein-protein and other biomolecular interaction kinetics (ka, kd and KD), enabling informed research and development decisions earlier in the process, while their high throughput enables accelerated timelines. They can be used in early discovery, research, development, late-stage clinical trials and in manufacturing/QC efforts.  The Octet platform’s microfluidics-free Dip and Read format enables use of crude media and their high throughput enables antibody and small molecule fragment library screening.
ForteBio brochure P/N 0042-02 Rev B