CD Spectrometer Data Analysis

There are several free software packages available at:  They have CDPro, CONTIN, CCA, DICHROPROT, K2D, SOMCD and several others.
K2d software can be accessed at: or    You can send your data to a web server or get the program for yourself.

There is also an online facility for analyzing CD data called DichroWeb in England at:   They support the programs CONTINLL, SELCON3, CDSSTR, VARSLC and K2D.  You must register for an account with them and always reference them if you use their services.

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For a comparison of some of the above programs, see Sreerama, N. and Woody, R. W. (2000) Estimation of Protein Secondary Structure from Circular Dichroism Spectra:  Comparison of CONTIN, SELCON, and CDSSTR Methods with an Expanded Reference Set  Analytical Biochemistry, 287, 252-260.

Updated:  6/30/2015