How do I arrange for a training session for the instrument?

Contact Debby Pheasant (pheasant@mit.edu or 617-452-2051) to find out how long training will take and to make an appointment when you and she and the instrument are all free at the same time.

How do I make reservations for the instrument?

The reservation for the initial training session will be made by Debby.  After you’re trained, you’ll make reservations online through the Exchange calendar if you’re an MIT person.  People from outside MIT will need to ask Debby to make reservations for them.

What capabilities does this CE have?

The PA 800 capillary electrophoresis unit comes equipped with three detectors:  UV, PDA (photo-diode array) and LIF (laser-induced fluorescence).  These modes of detection afford maximum flexibility for analysis at many wavelengths and very high sensitivity.  In particular, it can carry out analyses in three areas:

  • SDS gel capillaries for MW sizing of proteins
  • Capillary IEF for monitoring differential post-translation modifications of proteins
  • Oligosaccharide profiling for glycosylated proteins

How much sample will I need?

For SDS-MW determinations, you’ll need 100 ug.  For glycan analysis, you’ll need a 200 ul solution of 2.5 uM glycan.

How do I get started?

Do some background reading, from this website or Beckman’s website (celeader.com), to determine whether the CE can perform the analyses of interest to you.  Then discuss with Debby the details of getting set up:  buying reagents, arranging training, etc.

Updated: 1/15/14