DynaPro Dynamic Light ScattererDynaPro NanoStar Light Scatterer

The DynaPro is a combination Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Static Light Scattering (SLS) instrument. The DLS detector operates at 90 degrees to measure the size distribution of the hydrodynamic radius whereas the independent SLS detector, which also operates at 90 degrees, can measure the molecular weight of small molecules. DynaPro NanoStar can be used for a broad range of applications requiring both accuracy and high sensitivity. For example, the DynaPro NanoStar is ideally suited for studies of nanoparticles, proteins, vesicles, viruses, and colloids.

The DynaPro NanoStar is straightforward to operate. Knowledge of the underlying physics of molecular sizing is not essential. […] The sample is filtered to eliminate dust particles, which might interfere with the signal from the molecules being measured. Solutions are injected into cuvetttes and placed into the sample cell. The total sample injection volume (including filtration) is approximately 20 ul using the 10ul cuvette. After the cuvette is placed in the sample cell, the sample is illuminated by the laser. The scattered light is correlated in the DynaPro NanoStar, which then sends the results to the PC for analysis by the DYNAMICS software package.

From DynaPro NanoStar User’s Guide (M3300 Rev. B), Wyatt Technology Corporation