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Two CSB PhD Students receive HHMI fellowships
August 2011

Two CSB PhD students are among 48 nationwide to receive new fellowships from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Offered for the first time this year, HHMI’s International Student Research Fellowships will support science and engineering students during their third, fourth and fifth year of graduate school. Each fellowship is worth $43,000 annually.

The two CSB recipients are:

Jonathan Rameseder

Jonathan Rameseder, of Austria, who is studying DNA damage response using high-content screening with Michael Yaffe, professor of biology and biological engineering;

Xuebing Wu

Xuebing Wu, of China, who is studying RNA genomics with Phillip Sharp, Institute Professor in the Department of Biology.

“HHMI’s educational training program is about finding the best talent, regardless of where the students are from,” says HHMI President Robert Tjian, who first conceived of the new fellowship. “Not only is this program international, but it goes after students who have already shown they have potential as researchers.”

Sixty research institutions with pre-existing relationships with HHMI were eligible to nominate between one and 10 graduate students for the fellowships, depending on the size of their graduate programs. The 385 students who completed the application process were reviewed by a panel of top scientists and graduate educators.

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