CSBi Research Model

In academia, life sciences research has been dominated by a culture of independent laboratories organized around single principal investigators, typically faculty members. One advantage of such an organizational structure is a proven history of innovation, creativity, and accountability in an environment that promotes close links between research and education. However, since systems biology requires diverse skills and complex technologies, it is CSBi's goal to combine the best features of interdisciplinary team-based science while continuing to promote the aspirations and ideas of a wide group of individual investigators and their students across MIT.

CSBi has been established as a community of practice, built around a shared vision linking science and technology. The CSBi model combines elements of large-scale, centralized research enterprises with the distributed nature of an academic organization. As such, the faculty, facilities, and laboratories that support CSBi's research and education programs will remain within their existing academic departments.

The critical forces for integration within CSBi are multi-investigator research collaborations, a shared Technology Platform, joint teaching and supervision of graduate/postdoctoral fellows, and centrally administered community-building events and outreach programs.