CSBi Programs

CSBi has activities in three main program areas – research/technology development, education, and outreach – in order to provide a framework for the integration of these activities across campus.


Because of its strengths in engineering and computer science, CSBi is in a unique position to develop radically new paradigms and disruptive technologies to accelerate the rate of discovery in systems biology and subsequent applications in medicine. The ultimate goal is to develop quantitative models that predict the behavior of complex biological systems and apply these models to problems in medical or pharmaceutical research.


Through CSBi, MIT is committed to developing a curriculum in systems biology and writing textbooks for this emerging field. Engaging students in CSBi research and education will create a new breed of scientists and engineers trained in thinking at the biology/engineering interface.


CSBi believes that open access to new ideas and data is essential to advance the field of systems biology. To ensure dissemination of knowledge, CSBi sponsors scientific events and visiting programs for academic and industrial scientists and supports the creation of open-source software and OpenCourseWare to share educational materials.