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Bonnie Berger, Ph.D.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Room 32-G574
(617) 253-1827 (phone)


Bonnie Berger, Professor of Applied Math at MIT, is head of the Computation and Biology group at MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab. A new Associate Member of the Broad Institute, she is also an Affiliate Member of Harvard/MIT Health Science and Technology. She is interested in applications of computer science to molecular biology. Her current work focuses on structural molecular biology, integrative network inference, comparative and regulatory genomics and disease classification.

After beginning her career working in algorithms at MIT, she was one of the early researchers working in the fast-growing area of computational molecular biology. Professor Berger has won numerous awards including a National Science Foundation Career award, a Radcliffe Bunting Institute Science Scholarship and the Biophysical Society's Dayoff Award for research. In 1999 Professor Berger was named one of Technology Review Magazine's inaugural TR100 as a top young innovator of the twenty-first century. In 2003, she was elected as a Fellow of the ACM.

Selected Publications

  • W. Hobbs, C.E. Jesurum, V. Pulim, and B. Berger. "Topological Modeling of Cascade Amorphization in Network Structures Using Local Rules.'' Material Science and Engineering A, no. 1-2 (Sept.1998):16-29.
  • S. Batzoglou, B. Berger, D.J. Kleitman, E.S. Lander, and L. Pachter. "Recent Developments in computational Gene Recognition.'' Documenta Mathematica: J. DMV, (1998), Extra Volume ICM I, 649-658.
  • R.S. Schwartz, P.E. Prevelige, P.W. Shor, and B. Berger. "Local Rules Simulation of the Kinetics of Virus Capsid Self-Assembly.'' Biophysical Journal 75, no.1 (Dec.1998): 2626--2636.
  • B. Berger, G. Hoest, J. Paulson, and P.W. Shor. "On the Structure of the Scaffolding Core of Bacteriophage T4.'' J. of Computational Biology (Spring 1999).


  • ACM: Fellow (2003)
  • Technology Review: 100 Brilliant Young Innovators (1999)
  • Biophysical Society: Dayoff Award (1998)
  • NSF: Career Award (1995)
  • 8th Int. Conf. on Radiation Effects in Insulators (with Hobbs Sreeram Jesurum).: Best Paper Award (Image and Multimedimensional Signal (1995)
  • MIT: George M. Sprowles Prize (1990)

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