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Robert Berwick, Ph.D.

Department Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Room 32-D728
(617) 253-8918 (Phone)


Research Summary

Computation and Language

  • Language acquisition & change
  • Computational modeling of modern linguistic theories
  • Evolution and language
  • Learning the lexicon

Selected Publications

  • R. Berwick & N.Chomsky, Biolinguistics: Its current state of development. [pdf]
  • R. Berwick, Syntax facit saltum redux. [pdf]
  • R. Berwick & N. Chomsky, Poverty of the stimulus revisited.
  • P. Niyogi & R. Berwick, The proper treatment of language acquisition and change in a population setting. [pdf]
  • S. Fong & R. Berwick, Treebank parsing and knowledge of language: a cognitive perspective [pdf]

Last Updated: April 12, 2009