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Patrick S. Doyle, Ph.D.

Department of Chemical Engineering
Associate Professor

Room 66-270
617-253-4534 (phone)
617-324-0066 (fax)


Ph.D., Stanford University, 1997
M.S., Stanford University, 1993
B.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1992
Honors and Awards
Joliot Chair, ESPCI, 2009
John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, 2009
Rothschild-Yvette Mayent-Institute Curie Award, 2009
Van Ness Lectures at RPI, 2008
Lab on a Chip, Royal Society of Chemistry and Corning Inc., Pioneers of Miniaturization Prize, 2008
Henry L. and Grace Doherty Professorship, 2005-2007
University of Notre Dame Thiele Lectureship, 2006
U of DE Colburn Memorial Lecture, 2006
NSF-CAREER Award, 2003
3-M Innovation Fund Award, 2003
Polypops Innovation Award, 2001
Fondation de la Recherche Medical Postdoctoral Grant, 1999-2000
Institut Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1998-1999
Chateaubriand Fellowship, 1997-1998
Stanford University's Lieberman Fellowship, 1996-1997

Research Summary

Our research focuses on understanding the dynamics of single polymers, biomolecules and colloids under forces and fields. We utilize both experimental and computational approaches in our research in order to understand fundamental issues in a wide variety of applications ranging from lab-on-chip separations to polymer rheology.

Current Research Areas:

  • DNA electrophoresis in microfluidic devices
  • Single DNA molecule mapping
  • DNA dynamics in nanofluidic devices
  • Superparamagnetic colloids in microfluidic devices
  • Brownian Dynamics simulations of complex molecules
  • Microrheology of extracellular matrices and biopolymers
  • Microparticle synthesis using microfluidics
  • Multiplexed biomolecule detection using barcoded particles

Selected Publications

  • Hsieh, C.-C., Balducci, A., and Doyle, P.S., "Ionic effects on the equilibrium dynamics of DNA confined in nanoslits", Nano Letters, 8, 1683-1688, 2008.
  • Balducci, A., Hsieh, C.-C., and Doyle, P.S., "Relaxation of stretched DNA in slit-like confinement", Phys. Rev. Lett., 99, 238102, 2007.
  • Kim, J.M. and Doyle, P.S., "Brownian dynamics simulation of a DNA molecule colliding with a small cylindrical post", Macromolecules, 40, 9151-9163, 2007.
  • Underhill, P.T. and Doyle, P.S., "Accuracy of Bead-Spring Chains in Strong Flow", J. Non-Newt. Fluid Mech., 145, 109-123, 2007.
  • Savin, T. and Doyle, P.S. "Statistical and sampling issues when using multiple particle tracking", Phys. Rev. E, 76, 021501, 2007.
  • Pregibon, D.C., Toner M., and Doyle, P.S. "Multifunctional encoded particles for high-throughput biomolecule analysis", Science, 315, 1393-1396, 2007.
  • Dendukuri, D., Pregibon, D.C., Collins, J., Hatton, T.A. and Doyle, P.S. "Continuous Flow Lithography for High-Throughput Microparticle Synthesis", Nat. Mater., 5, 365-369, May 2006
  • Dendukuri, D., Tsoi, K., Hatton, T.A., and Doyle, P.S. "Controlled Synthesis of Non-Spherical Microparticles Using Microfluidics", Langmuir, 21, 2113-2116, 2005.
  • Savin, T. and Doyle, P.S. "The role of a finite exposure time on measuring an elastic modulus using microrheology", Phys. Rev. E, in press, Jan. 2005.
  • Randall, G.C. and Doyle, P.S. "DNA Deformation in Electric Fields: DNA Driven Past a Cylindrical Obstruction", Macromolecules, 38, 2410-2418, 2005.
  • Randall, G.C. and Doyle, P.S. "Permeation driven flow in in poly(dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic devices", PNAS , 102(31), 10813-10818, 2005.
  • Savin, T. and Doyle, P.S. "Static and Dynamic Errors in Particle Tracking Microrheology", Biophysical J., 88, 623-638, 2005.
  • Chen, Y.-L, Graham, M.D., de Pablo, J.J., Randall, G.C., Gupta, M. and Doyle, P.S. "Conformation and Dynamics of Single DNA in Parallel-Plate Slit Microchannels", Phys. Rev. E, 70, 060901 (R) 2004.
  • Haghgooie, R. and Doyle, P.S. "Structural analysis of a dipole system in two-dimensional channels", Phys. Rev. E, 70, 061408, 2004.
  • Doyle, P.S. and Underhill, P.T. "Brownian dynamics simulations of polymers and soft matter" In S. Yip, editor, Handbook of Materials Modeling, volume I. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2004. in press.
  • Underhill, P.T. and Doyle, P.S. "On the Coarse-graining of Polymers into Bead-Spring Chains", J. Non-Newt. Fluid Mech., 122(1),3-31, 2004.
  • Randall, G.C. and Doyle, P.S. "Electrophoretic collision of a DNA molecule with an insulating post", Phys. Rev. Lett., 93(5), 058102, 2004.
  • Wagner, C., Amarouchene, Y., Doyle P., Bonn, D., "Turbulent-drag reduction of polyelectrolyte solutions: Relation with the elongational viscosity", Europhys. Lett., 64(6), 823-829, 2003.
  • Doyle, P.S., Bibette, J., Bancaud, A., Viovy, J.L., "Self-Assembled Magnetic Matrices for DNA Separation in Lab on a Chip", Science, 295, 227, 2002.
  • Ladoux, B. and Doyle, P.S., "Stretching Tethered DNA Chains in Shear Flow", Europhysics Lett., 52, 511-517, 2000.
  • Doyle, P.S., Ladoux, B., Viovy, J.L., "Dynamics of a Tethered Polymer in Shear Flow", Phys. Rev. Lett., 84, 4769-4772, 2000.

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