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Jeff Gore, Ph. D

MIT Department of Physics
Assistant Professor

Room 13-2008


B.S. Physics, mathematics, electrical engineering & economics, MIT, 1999
Ph.D. Physics, UC Berkeley, 2005
Pappalardo Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT Physics, 2006 – 2009
Assistant Professor, MIT Physics, Jan 2010 –

Research Summary

The Gore Lab uses microbes such as yeast and bacteria to experimentally probe fundamental theories in evolutionary dynamics, systems biology, and quantitative ecology.

As a Pappalardo Postdoctoral Fellow working together with Alexander van Oudenaarden, Jeff used sucrose metabolism in yeast as a model system to study the evolution of cooperation. The conditions required for the initiation and maintenance of cooperative behaviors is a classic problem in evolutionary biology. How can cooperators survive when they can be taken advantage of by "cheaters"? In the case of sucrose metabolism, Jeff found that cooperators can survive even in the presence of cheaters because the cooperators capture a small fraction (~1%) of the sugar they create before it is shared, thus making the interaction what game theorists call a snowdrift game.

Selected Publications

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