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Darrell J. Irvine, Ph.D.

Department of Biological Engineering Division
Eugene Bell Associate Professor of Tissue Engineering

Room 8-425
617-452-4174 (phone)

Selected Publications

  • “The Use of Graft Copolymers to Bind Immiscible Blends,” D. Gersappe, D. Irvine, A.C. Balazs, Y. Liu, J. Sokolov, M. Rafailovich, S. Schwarz, and D.G. Peiffer, Science, 265(5175) 1072-1074 (1994).
  • “Self-Consistent Field Analysis of Grafted Star Polymers,” D.J. Irvine, A.M. Mayes, and L. Griffith-Cima, Macromolecules, 29(18) 6037-6043 (1996). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • “Comparison of Tethered Star and Linear Poly(Ethylene Oxide) for Control of Biomaterials Surface Properties,” D.J. Irvine, A.M. Mayes, S.K. Satija, J.G. Barker, S.J. Sofia-Allgor, and L.G. Griffith, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 40(3) 498-509 (1998).
  • "Polymer Colloids for Cell-Resistant or Cell-Interactive Surfaces," P. Banerjee, D.J. Irvine, A.M. Mayes, and L.G. Griffith, J. Biomed. Mater. Res., 50(3) 331-339 (2000).
  • “Nanoscale Clustering of RGD Peptides at Surfaces Using Comb Polymers. 2. Surface Segregation of Comb Polymers in Polylactide,” D.J. Irvine, A.-V. Ruzette, A.M. Mayes, and L.G. Griffith, Biomacromolecules, 2(2) 545-556 (2001). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • “Nanoscale Clustering of RGD Peptides at Surfaces Using Comb Polymers. 1. Synthesis and Characterization of Comb Thin Films,” D.J. Irvine, A.M. Mayes, and L.G. Griffith, Biomacromolecules 2(1) 85-94 (2001). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • “Simulations of Cell-Surface Integrin Binding to Nanoscale-Clustered Adhesion Ligands,” D.J. Irvine, K.-A. Hue, A.M. Mayes, and L.G. Griffith, Biophys. J. 82, 120-132 (2002). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • “Control of cell adhesion by nanoscale RGD organization and mechanical stimulus,” L.Y. Koo, D.J. Irvine, A.M. Mayes, D.A. Lauffenburger, and L.G. Griffith, J. Cell. Sci. 115(7), 1423-1433 (2002).
  • “Rapid signaling-induced receptor reorientation in the formation of the immunological synapse,” W. Moss, D.J. Irvine, M. Krummel, and M.M. Davis, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 99, 15024-15029 (2002). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • “Direct observation of ligand recognition by T cells,” D.J. Irvine, M.A. Purbhoo, M. Krogsgaard, and M.M. Davis, Nature 419(6909), 845-849 (2002). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • "Dynamics of cell surface molecules during T cell recognition," M.M.Davis, M. Krogsgaard, J.B.Huppa, C. Suman, M.A. Purbhoo, D.J. Irvine, L.C. Wu, and L. Ehrlich, Annual Review of Biochemistry , 72 712-742 (2003). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • "Direct cell migration via chemoattractants released from degradable microspheres," X. Zhao, S. Jain, B. Larman, S. Gonzalez, and D.J. Irvine, Biomaterials (in press)
  • "A role for the immunological synapse in lineage commitment of CD4 lymphocytes," R.A. Maldonado, D.J. Irvine, R. Schreiber, and L.H. Glimcher, Nature 431 527-532 (2004). [Abstract] [PDF}
  • "Bioactive hydrogels with an ordered cellular structure combine interconnected macroporosity and robust mechanical properties," A.N. Stachowiak, A. Bershteyn, and D.J. Irvine, Adv. Mater. (in press).
  • "Photogenerated polyelectrolyte bilayers from an aqueous-processible photoresist for multiple protein patterning," J. Doh, and D.J. Irvine, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 126 (30) 9170-9171 (2004). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • "T cell killing does not require the formation of a stable mature immunological synapse," M.A. Purbhoo, D.J. Irvine, J.B. Huppa , and M.M. Davis, Nature Immunology , 5 524-530 (2004). [Abstract] [PDF]
  • "Large Area Two-Dimensional B Cell Arrays for Sensing and Cell-Sorting Applications," H. Kim, J. Doh, D.J. Irvine, R.E. Cohen, and P.T. Hammond, Biomacromolecules , 5 822-827 (2004). [Abstract] [PDF]

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