ResearchCurrently, there are four multi-investigator interdisciplinary CSBi-related research centers at MIT. In addition, CSBi is in the process of seeding new projects in systems biology across campus, including the Sloan School of Management.

CSBi Research Centers

Center for Cell Decision Processes: (2003- current)

This ten-investigator project is studying the signal transduction processes that control apoptosis. The goals of the project are to develop new micro-fabricated devices for assaying protein networks, and to build computational models of cell signaling processes.

Synthetic Biology: (2003-current)

This project is dedicated to developing the design and fabrication tools required to design and operate novel devices built from biological components (MIT's Registry of Standard Biological Parts). These devices will include intra-cellular sensors of cell physiology and biology-based logic circuits.

Center for Regulatory Networks in Cancer Initiation and Progression: (2004- current)

The MIT ICBP is undertaking a multi-investigator and cross-disciplinary approach to understanding cancer biology. The ICBP is based in the Center for Cancer Research and links the CCR’s research on cancer biology with CSBi’s emphasis on biological modeling and data systematics.

Singapore-MIT Center for Tissue Biology: (2005-Current)

The goal of the Tissue Systems Biology project is to take a systematic and quantitative approach to study problems in tissue biology including stem cell differentiation, tissue morphogenesis and physiology, and tissue-based disease models. This program is part of the Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) program aimed at creating academic partnerships that enable economic advancement in Singapore and elsewhere in the world through education and research.