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MIT Biophysics–CSB Seminar Series
Seminars are held bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 12:05pm in 4-231 (unless otherwise noted)

Fall 2011

Wednesday, September 7

Dr. Jeremy England
MIT Physics
Title: Shape shifting: the statistical physics of protein conformational change.
Host: Jeff Gore (gore@mit.edu) – Physics

Thursday, September 22

Dr. Sebastian Seung
MIT BCS & Physics
Title: The computational challenges of connectomics.

Host: Mehran Kardar (kardar@mit.edu) - Physics

Wednesday, October 5

Dr. Sean Sun
Johns Hopkins University
Title: Forces, geometry and mechanochemical instability in bacterial cell shape and division.

Host: Mark Bathe (mark.bathe@mit.edu) - Biological Engineering

Wednesday, October 19

Dr. Ron Rock
University of Chicago
Title: Mechanics and organization of cell motility myosins.

Host: Biophysics Students

Wednesday, November 2

Dr. Eric Wieschaus
Princeton University
Title: Measuring time during growth and development in Drosophila.
Host: Adam Martin (pepebe@mit.edu) - Biology

Wednesday, November 16

Dr. Casim Sarkar
University of Pennsylvania
Title: Synthetic signaling systems for biological discovery and design.

Host: Narendra Maheshri (narendra@mit.edu) - Chemical Engineering

Wednesday, November 30

Dr. Job Dekker
UMASS Amherst
Title: Three-dimensional architecture of genomes.

Host: Leonid Mirny (leonid@mit.edu) - HST & Physics

Wednesday, December 14

Dr. Joshua Vaughan
Zhang Lab, Harvard
Title: Superresolution fluorescence microscopy at the molecular scale.

Host: Andrei Tokmakoff (tokmakof@mit.edu) - Chemistry

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