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MIT Biophysics–CSB Seminar Series
Seminars are held bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 03:05pm in 56-154 (some exceptions, see below)

Spring 2012

Friday, January 13 (12:05pm in 56-114)

Gideon Schreiber
Weizmann Institute
Title: Formation of protein-complexes in crowded environments: from in vitro to in vivo

Host: Amy Keating (keating@mit.edu) – Biology

Wednesday. February 8

L Mahadevan
Harvard University
Title: The physical basis for morphogenesis

Host: Biophysics Students

Wednesday, February 22

Feng Zhang
Title: Optogenetics: Molecular and optical axes of control

Host: Alice Ting (ating@mit.edu) – Chemistry

Wednesday, March 7

Robert Austin
Princeton University
Title: All evolution is local: Probing the origins of drug resistance

Host: Roman Stocker (romans@mit.edu) - Civil & Environmental Engineering

Wednesday, March 21

Alex Mogilner
UC Davis
Title: Mechanics of cell crawling - from 2D to 3D

Host: Mark Bathe (mark.bathe@mit.edu) –Biological Engineering

Wednesday, April 4

Joe Loparo
Harvard Medical School
Title: Visualizing the dynamics of chromosome replication and segregation through single-molecule microscopy

Host: Andrei Tokmakoff (tokmakof@mit.edu) - Chemistry

Wednesday, April 18

Bruce Goode
Brandeis University
Title: How to Train Your Actin Network: Mechanisms Controlling Size and Shape

Host: Adam Martin (acmartin@mit.edu) - Biology

Wednesday, May 2

Gurol Suel
UT Southwestern
Title: A molecular race: cellular decision-making dynamics at the single cell level

Host: Jeremy England (jengland@mit.edu) – Physics

Wednesday, May 16

Alexander van Oudenaarden
Title: Controlling gene expression fluctuations during development

Host: Narendra Maheshri (narendra@mit.edu) - Chemical Engineering

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