Protein Biophysics


The study of complex biological systems places heavy demands on the availability of state-of-the-art instrumentation. Many of the major challenges that we face require experimental approaches incorporating a number of complementary biophysical tools. With these tools it is possible to probe structure, dynamics, and interactions of complex biomolecules and therefore to derive valuable information concerning complex biological systems.

The Biophysical Instrumentation Facility trains researchers in the use of sophisticated instruments for taking precise measurements on proteins in solution. The facility offers an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning, and also to the sharing of expertise. It is open to the MIT community as well as to the academic and industrial scientific communities of the greater Boston area.


The Protein Biophysics Core makes available specialized instrumentation for probing structure, dynamics and interactions of complex biomolecules.


The core provides training in the use of the instrumentation and advice to anyone considering potential applications of the equipment in the facility. Contact Debby Pheasant.


Biophysical Instrumentation Facility
Biology Department, Bldg. 68, Room 470


CSBi Staff

Debby Pheasant

Faculty Advisors

Barbara Imperiali Chemistry, Biology

Forest White Biological Engineering